Simple Tips To Help Keep Your Immune System Strong

It doesn’t matter where you are currently in regards to your health. It’s always possible to make improvements and live a healthier life. A great place to start is to boost your immune system.

Establish sound health practices to keep your immune system ready to fight for you. Start right now, even if you are currently sick, and stay the course throughout your life.

It’s important to note that we all get sick from time to time. Even with a vigorous immune system you’re likely to get a cold or even perhaps the flu. But the difference between a robust immune system and a weak immune system is that:

  • Though you might still get sick with a healthy immune system, you won’t get sick as often
  • When you do get sick it likely won’t be as severe or last as long if your immune system is strong.

Here are some easy immune system boosters that you can start today. A strong immune system is the best way to ensure lifelong good health!


Quality supplements can help keep your immune system strong. Supplements such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc. can definitely be a big help. Just make sure that you are using quality supplements.

And, make sure you talk to your pharmacist or doctor before starting any supplements, especially if you take prescription medication.

Many people mistakenly think that if a supplement is “all natural” it must be ok to take. But even all natural supplements could have potentially serious interactions with some prescription medications.

Also, don’t take too many supplements. It’s a mistake to think that if one pill is good 4 must be better! Carefully read and follow the label directions!


Everyone has been told to “get plenty of rest” or “take it easy” when they’re sick. That’s good advice. But that advice should extend to everyday, not just when you’re trying to get over a little bug.

Your body is made to move. In a perfect world, your body thrives on activity and movement all through your life. But, your body, and your mind, need quiet and rest consistently too. Not getting enough sleep, or going full tilt day after day with little downtime, is the best way to ensure that your immune system will be taxed and may not be up to the task of keeping you healthy.

Figure out how much sleep you need to function at your highest level. It’s different for everyone though a good starting point is 8 hours nightly. Also, allow yourself downtime periodically so you don’t get over stressed.

The right combination of plenty of sleep and plenty of stress free time will ensure a healthy immune system and fewer sick days.

Cut Down on your Alcohol Intake

This might not be popular with you, but you can quickly give your immune system a boost by reducing your alcohol intake. There is a definite connection between drinking too much too often and a compromised immune system. The good news is that by cutting down on your alcohol intake you can reverse any immune system damage that you may already have.

Cutting back on your alcohol intake can improve your immune system within a few days!

Good Hygiene

Yes, your mom was right to nag you to wash your hands! Proper hygiene can significantly reduce your risk of becoming sick. Always wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your face. Keep your body clean regularly so that you keep bacteria and viruses away.

Simple things that can keep harmful bacteria at bay will help you have a lot more healthy days than sick days.

Eat Healthy

As someone who has a huge sweet tooth and loves to eat out, I know how challenging this part can be. But, your body is like a machine. You wouldn’t put bad gas or cheap oil into your brand new car would you?

Likewise, your body can only reach peak performance if it’s getting enough high quality fuel tor run!

If you’re not sure how to change your diet, ask your doctor for resources.

Move More

This is the part that can really intimidate some people. Many people get freaked out because they think that they need to practically become an iron man athlete in order to be physically fit!

Not even close. The truth is that moving more means just that – move more.

Go for walks with your spouse, your kids, your dog (maybe even your cat!). Go for a bike ride with friends.

When you do your grocery shopping, just try to walk a little faster through the store. Take the steps instead of the elevator, park a little further from the entrance.

Simple daily changes is a great place to start if you’re not ready to hire a personal trainer or join a gym.

The more you do the faster you will see results, whatever type of results you’re looking for.

For some they want to lose weight. Others just don’t want to feel so tired after minimal physical effort. Whatever your goal, just start.

Starting is the hardest part. With time, your new routine of moving more and being more active will be easier and will become second nature!

Easy Ways To Improve Your Immune System

Nothing mentioned in this article is earth shattering or new. It’s just good sometimes to see it all in black and white. To get the most out of every day try to use these simple tips to improve your immune system.

No one wants to waste a second of their life having to miss out due to an illness. A strong immune system can go a long way to ensuring you’re living every day to the fullest!