All Natural Remedies From The Plants In Your Own Backyard.

These plants can be found in backyards across the country. Learn how to make tinctures, teas, salves and much more with simple to follow step-by-step recipes!

The One Tree Everyone Must Have in Their Own Backyard

Did you know that there are over 800 plants and trees that can be used for all natural remedies, water purification and food?

It’s true. You probably have several in your own backyard right now!

For example, there is a tree that grows in many yards in North America that is a superfood plant. 

Every part of this tree is edible, you can use the tree to purify water, and eating it can provide more protein and calcium than milk and 4X the iron in spinach!… and a LOT more!

This knowledge was common just a few generations ago. Our Grandparents would teach younger generations how to locate and use these plants. 

Unfortunately, times changed and this knowledge isn’t as commonplace as it once was. 

But, it’s not gone completely…

All the Medicinal Plants of North America

The Lost Book Of Remedies by Dr. Nicole Apelian PhD. is a comprehensive guide of the medicinal plants of North America as well as how to create remedies from these plants.

Complete with detailed, color photography to make identification a breeze

This book is a must have for anyone who is concerned about using expensive, ineffective treatments that have loads of side effects.

The book comes with tons of full color photos and guides so it’s easy to use for identification and creating tinctures, teas, salves, etc.!

The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies Is Available in 2 Formats